Membership & Benefits

Hawaii's Membership Fees

National Dues: $228
Constituent Dues: $30 
Assessment: $50

(covers legislative costs) 

Total: $308

Note: Add $10 for outer island Component Dues (Maui and West Hawaii) 

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Membership Benefits - It's YOUR Profession!

Membership in the Hawaii Dental Hygienists' Association (HDHA) is concurrent with membership in the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA).

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Journal of Dental Hygiene - Members receive a complimentary subscription to ADHA’s official publication bringing you scientific and technical articles on clinical practice, research, and education. 

Access - Members receive a complimentary subscription to ADHA’s magazine. Access keeps you current on issues of importance to dental hygiene.

The Voice - Members also receive HDHA’s online newsletter to keep current on dental hygiene happenings in Hawaii. 

Continuing Education: Members enjoy a significant discount on quality CE programs in Hawaii plus on-line CE and self-study courses through ADHA. 

Scholarships and Research Grants: Members may apply for these through the ADHA Institute for Oral Health (IOH). The IOH encourages and promotes professional excellence through scholarships and quality research in collaboration with ADHA. More than 800 scholarships have been awarded to full and part-time students pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees and has inspired over 50 hygienists to pursue research in the field of dental hygiene.

Career Resource Center: Members have access to the Career Resource Center, ADHA’s online employment service for dental hygienists seeking employment and employers seeking hygienists. Members also benefit from state employment referral services, national classified advertising and employment reference materials. ADHA assists members in resume writing and contracts with The Employment Reference Guide.

Insurance:Membership provides you with the opportunity to apply for several types of insurance at competitive rates such as: professional liability, major medical, and disability. As a member you are entitled to apply for auto insurance at a discounted rate.

ADHA Credit Card and /or Mileage Program:  Members may also earn points to use towards travel with every purchase you make.

Hotel Discount:  Members can take advantage of discounts at over 4,000 hotels across the nation.

Factory Direct Buying Program: Shop online with discounted prices through ADHA’s special website.

For a complete description of the types of memberships and the ADHA Awards Program, go to the ADHA Membership Page.