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Hawaii Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Continuing Education (CE) for Hawaii Licensed Dental Hygienists

Twenty (20) hours of continuing education (CE) are required every two years for dental hygiene re-licensure. All courses shall be relevant to the care and treatment of patients and courses must be taken from approved sponsors. No more than half of the courses can be correspondence courses and those must be from approved sponsors. All dental hygienists shall complete a CPR/Basic Life Support ("BLS") for Healthcare Providers approved by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association, and an Ethics course (2 CEs) every two years.

At the time of biennial renewal, no later than December 31 of each odd number year, each licensee shall have completed the continuing education requirement for the two calendar years preceding the renewal date as follows:

  • Dental hygienists initially licensed in the first year of the biennium shall have completed 10 CE hours.
  • Dental hygienists initially licensed in the second year of the biennium shall not be required to complete any CE hours.
  • All other dental hygienists shall have completed 20 CE hours.

Each person shall maintain her or his own continuing education records and keep them four years after completion of any CE course. At the time of renewal, each licensee shall certify on a form provided by the board that she or he has satisfied the CE requirements. The board may audit and require any licensee to submit additional evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE requirement.

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