Smiles With Aloha

HDHA's 2017-2018 Officers and Board of Trustees

Keeping Your Smile Healthy!

Dental hygienists are licensed, dedicated professionals who focus on prevention of oral diseases.  

We are clinicians, educators, researchers, patient advocates, administrators and entrepreneurs.  

We work in dental practices, public health and industry settings.  Meet the HDHA leadership team. 

Hawaii Dental Hygienists' Association 

President: Nicole Pikini, RDH, BS

President Elect: Jessica Chang, RDH

Immediate Past President: Justin Stanton, RDH, BS, EPP

Vice President: Gerraine Hignite, RDH, BS
Secretary: Rachelle Cortel, RDH, BS
Treasurer: Gayle Chang, RDH, BEd

Trustees-at-Large: Beverly Sunshine Duyan, RDH, BS &

                               Maria Duke, RDH, BS
Maui Trustee:  Mikiel Lina Agoy, RDH, BS
West Hawaii Trustee:  Teri Matsumura, RDH, BS

1st Delegate to ADHA:  Ellie Kelley-Miyashiro, RDH, BS  
2nd Delegate to ADHA:  Noelani Greene, RDH, BS
1st Alternate Delegate:  Nicole Pikini, RDH, BS
2nd Alternate Delegate:  Jessica Chang, RDH, BS

SADHA Representative: Lisa Forbes, SDH

Hawaii HYPAC:
Noelani Greene, RDH, BS (Chair)
Ellie Kelley-Miyashiro, RDH, BS (Treasurer)

The VOICE Newsletter Editor: Rachelle Cortel, RDH, BS

Historian: Sierra Spruce, RDH